Before taking your practical driving test, you must pass your theory test. This consists of two sections; theory and hazard perception.

Theory Test:
The theory test is a multiple choice test based on The Highway Code.

You will need to correctly answer 43 out of the 50 questions. You will have 57 mins. (Keith will inform you if the pass rate does change.)

If you wish to do some practice quiz questions about the theory test, click here.

if you wish to see The Highway Code online, click here.

The CD ROMS of the combined theory test and hazard perception are highly recommended. They allows you to sit the test at home or on the move with a simulation of the hazard perception process.

Hazard Perception:
This is a selection of 14 video clips, you will be required to click on the appropriate hazard, one of the clips will definitely have 2 hazards.

You will need to obtain 44 out of the possible 75 points. The maxium you can score on each hazard is 5, this is a measure of your reaction time.

Remember, the earlier you click on the hazard forming, the more points you will get, BUT if you click too many times you will be penalised.

Practical Test:
Hanson's Fast Pass allows the use of a Renault Clio for the test.

At the beginning of your practical test you are asked some safety check questions on the specifics of the car, below is a link to download the possible questions. Please practice these! If you fail to answer, you will get 1 minor fault.

Click here to download the file, it is in PDF format.

If you do not have Adobe PDF Reader, please click here to download it.